Monday, October 6, 2008

Track to Seek New 'Connections' in Afghanistan?

Palin has been making a lot of noise recently accusing Obama of 'palling around' with terrorists.

Margo Howard points out:
It would have far more factual validity for Obama, or a surrogate, to publicize the fact that Track, the kid who joined the Army, did so because a judge told him it was that or jail due to his dealing drugs. I have a strong hunch, however, the Obama people would never get into that.
I know that Obama has called on his supporters to leave the children of candidates out of the fray. But the way Palin uses her son's enlistment (on Sept. 11th, no less) as a political prop should make it a reasonable story to cover.

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djinn said...

Yeah, according to, Track has been a very bad boy indeed,with a bad Oxycodone habit and an astonishingly large array of girlfriends. We can only assume he paid no attention to his Mom's abstinence only rules. He was shipped of to Minn (is that the state) to try to tame him; but ended up getting enlisted as, basically, the court of last resort.