Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hi! It's Djinn!

I haven't had regular internet access for almost a week. In spite of my desire to post something about the brilliance of Warren Buffet investing (DUH!) in Goldman Sachs, because Henry Paulson is the former chairman and will use the full power of the US treasury to keep the stock price up ("Using Exogamous Events In Your Favor") I chickened out and posted some life-changing Mozart. It's even easy to listen to. LISTEN PEOPLE. REALLY. I ONLY USE CAPS WHEN NECESSARY. Mitsko's touch is nothing short of life-changing, and it's only slightly longer than ten minutes.

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kerfuffler said...

She's wonderful, but it took me the longest time to load; I kept losing all my buffering progress by looking at comments to pass the time while waiting. When will I learn?