Monday, October 13, 2008

Is Djinn Spiralling Out Of Control In Her Obsession With Palin?


A good number of those palicentric posts were submitted by Kerfuffler, a new-to-the-blogosphere friend of Djinn's from way back. I, Kerfuffler, do hereby apologize for the obsessive (incessant?) posting on this most painful of topics, but I really needed to practice from one day to the next posting things just to get a hang of linking, embedding, and what not.( And Palin kept supplying so much material!) You see, I am my family's resident techno-phobe. Until quite recently, merely sending an e-mail was a source of jaw-clenching tension for me. So, yay me!

I have posted other items as well. (Fruitfly foolishness, Western Spaghetti, inflatable street art, those evolving-painting videos and a bunch of other stuff.) I started on Sept. 30th. I guess Djinn and I have similar styles and interests, so many of you did not notice. I did not mean to be an impostor! In any event, I'm pleased to make your virtual acquaintance.

By the way, the image above is a FANTASTIC OPTICAL ILLUSION, but to get the full effect, you need to enlarge the image, and I might add, the bigger, the better! (Just hit Ctrl+ a few times and let the dizzying swirling begin.) Djinn, I know you like optical illusions, but you just might want to avoid this one!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the picture is just like one of Palin's twisty-turny nonsentences. Every time you focus on one part to make sense of it, the others start shifting and spinning in bizarre ways.

In any event, can you really call yourself obsessive about Palin when you haven't even blogged about who built the Palin's half-million dollar house?

It seems as if Palin might have done essentially the same thing Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens is currently on trial for--having contractors build the house for free as a reward for political favors. Of course, her reputation as a maverick and reformer is built largely upon the foundation of Stevens' house problems.

Ironic? You betcha!

kerfuffler said...

Yeah, I read all about her house, but decided to exhibit a modicum of restraint.
But I am so glad that someone mentioned it!