Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Housekeeping tips #6 Poaching a Salmon in your dishwasher.


1 Place fish packets on the top rack.

2 Add dirty dishes and lemon-scented soap. This optional step is not recommended for novices. However, as long as the salmon's tightly sealed in its aluminum foil packet, it won't absorb any soapy taste or smell.

3 Set dishwasher to the "normal" cycle. Modern dishwashers have "economy" and "cool dry" settings, which are undesirable since they conserve heat. However, on the other end of the spectrum, the "pots and pans" setting tends to overcook the fish.

4 Run salmon through the entire wash-and-dry cycle -- approximately 50 minutes for most models.

5 When cycle's complete, take salmon out, discard foil, place one fillet on each plate and spoon a generous serving of dill sauce on top.

Stolen, in its entirety, from BoingBoing (you don't think I'm that creative, do you?) who, in turn stole it from the book Surreal Gourmet.

OK, I realize the Salmon (from here) at the top of the post is not cooking, but he could be riding his bike to the kitchen!

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