Thursday, October 30, 2008

Djinn's Halloween Treat--Iggy Pop Live on Dinah Shore

Uh, I mean live on the Dinah Shore show. With David Bowie! And with Halloween reference! Really, what daytime TV was like in 1977. At least once.

And as an extra special Halloween treat: Iggy, live on UK TV singing Lust for Life, proving his own lust for life in a pair of pants that aren't only see-through, but unzipped. So DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE ACQUAINTED WITH IGGY'S, uh lust for life. Plus, youtube will probably figure out very quickly that this is up; watch it while you can.



Jennifer B. said...

I am truly sorry for offending you. I did not intend to upset you or to engage you in a debate by contacting you.

I posted my views on my blog to dispel misrepresentations and misunderstandings of Prop. 8 supporters being hateful.

I respectfully request that you stop criticizing my church. Also, I do not wish to keep re-hashing arguments. I have said all I have to say on this subject and I am not trying to change anyone's mind.

Please, may we agree to disagree?

djinn said...

Perhaps, then, you should state clearly, in your blog heading what you said to me here. Using ostensibly polite language doesn't change anyone's mind as to the actual motivations of the author, however. I don't think your blog is succeeding. The reason prop 8 supporters are accused of being hateful is because by their vote, they will tear families apart. Your arguments do nothing to dispel such a belief.

I will not comment again.

I fail to see, however, how you think that you offended me. You did no such thing. Disagreeing with the author of a blog with a comment section is a long-standing internet tradition and certainly does not express offense. If anything, it expresses the opposite; that the blog itself is worthy of comment. In fact, I'm rather amazed that you have come to this conclusion. If anything I'm amused, and somewhat saddened to see you run away with your tail between your legs. Why not defend your position? Is this an admission that your position is defenseless?

I also fail to see where you hashed, let alone re-hashed my arguments. What's your blog for again? The leaves in the header are pretty. Btw.

I'm also quite amused that you posted this under the Iggy Pop videos. I'm sure he'd be amused. Don't watch the second one.

geebee said...

Posting, Jennifer b., not on your blog where did I ever insult your church? This I do find offensive. I did no such thing. Where? How? By pointing out a certain absolutely true, undisputed fact about Mormonism, that Blacks were denied entrance into Temples until 1978? This is directly on point as you, yourself brought up the legal point of strict scruitiny. Nothing (well, until the Roberts court) requires stricter scrutiny than equal access between whites and blacks. The fact that for 15 some odd years Mormons were allowed free practice of their religion by having NO PROBLEM with this clearly unequal practice means, another unequal practice--no marriage of gay couples in temples -- will also be allowed.

geebee said...

The last post was Djinn, the little rat, not monkey, the, uh, monkey.