Saturday, July 18, 2009

You're anti-abortion? I don't believe it. If you really wished abortions to disappear you'd allow them.

The more difficult it is to get an abortion in a locale the more abortions will happen, the more women will die, the more children will be left motherless. All you theoretically antiabortion people, unless you are actually helping reduce the number of abortions by providing comprehensive sex education and contraceptives you are evil lying creeps who hate women and only care about punishing them for imagined misdeeds involved with them actually having (vapors) sex, but not with you. So there.

Utah is not really all that pro-choice. So we find have a young girl who paid someone to beat her up to induce abortion. Fun, huh? Here's the story.

Want to prevent abortions? We know how to do it. We just have to follow the Netherlands' lead. Their rate of abortion is 11% that of ours. That's right. For every 10 abortions in the US, there's one in the lowlands. 10 to 1, hmmm. Maybe they're doing something right. Plus, there's plenty of peer-reviewed studies that show that, paradoxically, the more difficult abortions are to get, the more of them happen. Read about it here.

So, what was this post about again? Oh, yeah. It's painfully clear that the way to prevent abortions is to give females access to both birth control and abortion. The way to create way more abortions and way more dead/harmed/destroyed females is to outlaw it.

So all you anti-abortion folks--you don't care about actual abortions, you just hate women. Suck it up.

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