Friday, July 10, 2009

What do Senators Ensign and Sanford have in common other than mistresses?

They're both members of a shadowy Christian group called "the family." Members of the family live together in a house on C Street in Washington DC and have what I dearly hope is a nonstandard view of Christianity. Christianity, it turns out, is about helping the rich get even richer, and is actively opposed to helping the poor, the weak, the oppressed etc. Plus, if you are one of the chosen, normal rules of behavior do not apply. Jeff Sharlet, who lived with the family, heard one of the leaders say to another man that it would be OK if he raped three little girls, because he was chosen, so normal rules do not apply.

These are scary, scary guys. They get to both make and break the rules. Fun to be them. No wonder we now know that two of them have had affairs! Because it's OK. And did you wonder why Sanford in one of his rambling speeches compared himself to King David? It's because David, in that Bathsheba incident, got away with not only sleeping with someone else's wife, but got to kill him too! David and Bathshebah's son, Solomon, became the next king of Judah, with the promise that the line of David should rule Judah forever.

I suspect the family reads the story like so:


The Rachel Maddow show from July 9, 2009 has a clip, here, from whence I gleaned this information, can't get it to embed.

Counterpunch has an article up about the family here.

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