Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why a single player health care option? 9 Billion saving in CA alone.


Paperwork is driving up health care costs by as much as $9 billion annually in California, according to a public interest group that suggests physicians and insurers spend way too much time on processing insurance claims

That's significant. Seeing as how we're number one in health care costs, but all the way down to number 37 in actual health care performance (according to the World Health organization), behind Costa Rica at 36 and way way way way behind Columbia at 22, one would assume something could be done to improve health care while cutting costs, or perhaps I'm just way to optimistic.

Single payer RokksQ!!!!11! Have I mentioned lately how insurance companies spend between 20% and 50% on "overhead?" Overhead, of course, equals at least in part lobbying members of congress to vote against the most cost-effective plan because it would cut into the CEO's rather ludicrous pay.

Peace out.

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