Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beck's waiting for his man.

I somehow managed to be the only teen in the 70's who listened, rabidly (was there any other way?) to the Velvet Underground and did not start my own band. The distinct lack of musical talent might have had sooomething to do with it, but after the Punks, even that wasn't much of an excuse. What was I thinking? Beck, in so many ways (well, there is that Emperor Klaaktu of Rigel VII bit, but I have skeletons in my own closet, so who's to talk), got it right. He continues to do so -- he and his buds have covered the first eponymous VU album. Here's 'Waiting for My Man' with an amazing groove--listen for the slightly dissonant Sonic Youth style guitar tunings plus bonus sitar! Enjoy.

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Waiting for My Man' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

I found another one! 'Sunday Morning'! I confess that my current favorite Beck album is "Sea Change," his sad breakup album. I still can't believe his long time girlfriend (from when he was just a random street kid) dumped him. But what an Album (or whatever musical delivery devices are called these days). This song has the same wonderful, wistful, regretful, adjectival quality. I'm astonished that he found someone not only icy but Icelandic to replace Nico (I confess, one of my favorite artists.)

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Sunday Morning' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

I just figured out that Beck seems to have dropped the 'c' in his name, (be the first on your block to know) and his website can be found here.


Artiva said...

I knew another teen in the 70's that listened obsessively to the stuff and didn't start a band - she got pts. for being a Mormon closet lesbian though - tough in those days!

& it wasn't for your lack of talent = stop that G!

djinn said...

Iva!!!!1 You left a comment!!! Yay!!!! {Remember, Terry Pratchett said that five (5) exclamation points is the sign of an unhinged mind.}

Artiva said...


djinn said...

Too funny !!!^%1*(!