Friday, July 10, 2009

Sax Solos!

Of all the many things to hate about 80's music, the sax solo stands out. For the life of me, I can't figure out why all and sundry forgot how to play the sax in the pentultimate decade of the 20th century. It got so bad for awhile that I was truly, truly astonished listening to those old bebop records with the sublime sax. Who knew?

Some valiant soul at has now taken the thankless task of grading those sax solos. He's much more generous than me. I'd give them all a big F, and a phhhffffft for good measure. Maybe one reason I like the Smiths so much is simply lack of sax solos.

I do like his grading system, though. Mood Breaker, bad continuity, whole notes, blaring, middle school level.

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kerfuffler said...

Too funny! I love his icons.

By the way, I share your general scorn of saxophone solos in pop, and would additionally rate the entire genre of easy listening---smooth jazz----lounge style as deserving an F.
Why do they play that crap so often in furniture departments?