Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Music for Hilary

This is all just imaginary fer reals, but music has gotten me through some very bad spots, so on the off chance that we share a modicum of shared taste here goes.... If our musical tasted don't intersect, I really don't care at all, this is just a silly attempt to, uh, acquaint you with one or two songs you may like. Feel free to discard the rest, or all, if you wish. My tastes are not easily discernible; and I assume others are similar. So, with that hedging preface without the benefit of a leafy background, here goes:

Brian Eno and Harold Budd:

Anne Briggs, the beginning of the English Folk movement, and the wildest of the wild chidren, but also one of the most lyric singers I have ever heard:

Anne Briggs former boyfriend, Bert Jansch. I heard him twice in 2007, just listen:

And now for something completely different! Tinarowen, a Malian group; Mali, like most African nations was cut out of Africa proper like a piece of pie by the clueless Europeans, paying no attention to the tradional tribal boundaries. Tinarowen are Tuaregs/nomads that live on the coast and have little in common with the inland people, but, boy can they play guitar.

That's enough for now. If you like anything, let me know.

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