Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Get Me This For My Birthday!

Barbara W. certainly got an unusual gift: a portrait of herself made from fruit and other produce!
(I included the second shot because it shows off the little pooch she is holding better. After all that work, they should have taken a better picture!)
I suppose who ever gave her this should get some bonus points for thinking outside the bun, but are they out of their frickin' gourd?
I suppose that produce portraits have a long tradition, but this one seems to draw at least as much from De Kooning's portraits of women for inspiration. See for yourself.
(I mean, jicama boobs?------really!)

I'm just too easy gift-wise; take me out to dinner, or buy me a hat. In a pinch jewelry will do!

(These two portraits are by Arcimboldo who traveled around Europe painting during the late 1500's.)


Unknown said...

Truly a horrifying gift - I'd rather get a toaster!

djinn said...

Those Arcimboldo are pretty astonishing, unlike jicama women. Why choose some ugly root for that particular part of the body when so many melon varieties are ready and waiting?

kerfuffler said...

I suspect also that painting the produce portraits rather than photographing them helps a lot.