Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The secret of Republicanism or maybe the secret of success.

Francois duc de La Rochefoucauld figured it all out in the middle of the 19th century.

The world rewards the appearance of virtue more often than it rewards the virtue itself.
This pithy bit of wisdom resonates with the latest in a long line of family-values (in the I vote that my values don't allow your family kind of way) Republicans to be taken down by a sex scandal. This particular juicy tidbit involves:

--a Republican state senator from Tennessee that worked for indicted ($7 Billion) fraudster Alan Stanford,
--an 22 year old intern (bonus points, she's married)
--a bill sponsored by said Repub to disallow gay adoptions,
--the catchphrase "when you're married, there's commitment there." (Commitment to interns, perhaps; shush girl.)

According to the Nashville Scene,

He relentlessly pushed legislation to ban gay couples from adopting, though it would have meant hundreds of unwanted children remaining as orphans in state custody.

"The best home environment is one where mom and dad are there," Stanley said. "When you're married, there's a commitment there."

--a shared name with the KISS guitarist, (poor girl, she was just confused. I imagine her waiting for Gene Simmons as Paul baby snaps various photos. I blame the schools. There should be a class in KISS member identification to avoid such sad, sad mixups in the future. )

Bear with me, dear reader, but the story thickens, and develops lumps. Here we go:
--a blackmail attempt by the intern's boyfriend,
--incriminating pics taken in Rep. Stanley's apartment,
--a confession (A CONFESSION!) by the good, godfearing Rep.,
--a hatred of family planning, because "unmarried people shouldn't have sex."
--an abstinence education supporter, of course.
--a history of such behavior. The current Mrs. Stanley was, yes, an intern when he met her,
--a history of abuse; "His ex-wife filed a restraining order against Stanley in 1994, claiming he physically assaulted her at least three times and 'verbally abused' the couple's children."
--and, for the win, who's the victim? Yes, yes. It's Rep. Stanley. Let's let him speak for himself: "Unfortunately, I am the victim and a witness to crime in an ongoing investigation." (Found here.) All you soft hearts out there, don't worry about his eternal soul either" "Whatever I stood for and advocated, I still believe to be true...."

Bonus evil fact:

What is remarkable, given the strain Stanley was under during this last session, is that, instead of hunkering down, he kept on taking prominent roles in controversial legislation — e.g., in sponsoring a bill, which ultimately and narrowly failed, that would have prohibited local political jurisdictions from passing “living wage” ordinances.
Translation into English: "I get some sweet, sweet (censored.) You get (Censored.) Got it?"

As to the pic, above, to post Paul Stanley, R-totally busted, was too gruesome for my tender heart. To post Paul Stanley (R (probably)-filthy rich) was also too gruesome, so some awesome French dude is doing the honors, as they are wont to do.

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