Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Green With Envy

But on the other hand I can just sit back and enjoy listening now that George Li has done all the hard work of learning and interpreting this piece by Ravel. It is fiendishly difficult, but Li plays it with such energy and style! The slow section in the middle, while easier technically, is artistically demanding-----few "prodigies" can muster the expressive color that he does.

I don't think there is a better recording of this anywhere on u-tube, though I may have missed some.This is especially impressive because the recording was made at a recital------no do-overs or dubbing! Definitely a musician to keep watching. In fact, watch this clip carefully, and you'll see him play the left hand note with his fist at t=40. I wonder if his teacher tried to talk him out of that fun gesture! Given the spirit of the piece, I think it works just fine.

I also just really love this piece-----I'm a such a sucker for Spanish piano music.

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djinn said...

I can't believe how much fun he's having. Especially amusing is the unvoiced "pah" he makes at around 1:00 when he hits an explosive passage.