Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breaking: NYT lies about health care cost

and breaks my heart.

First, the lie. The NYT says, here, that health care reform will cost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. This is wrong. It will actually cost about 24 billion annually, as detailed here. As explained in this Slate article, a very modest progressive Medicare tax (with a top rate of 2.4%, compared to the current 1.8%) could raise $50 Billion a year annually, easily paying for actual health care reform and then some. But oh noes! Better to have 20K dead americans a year than tax the very rich a very small amount.

But, health reform looks like if not totally dead, at least pining for the fjords. Harry Reid has caved. He's held up the vote on the health care bill until after the August recess at the request of the Republicans, and he has the stupidity? gall? to use the word "bipartisan." Didn't the last 8 years teach him anything? I think this guy isn't a Democrat at all. What is he doing as the Senate majority leader?

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