Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Think You've Seen Everything?

I posted this just because it is such a peculiar oddity. Who would have thought that people would spend time doing this? I suppose if you wanted to listen to tango music while unicycling that could be fun, but pretending that their routine is some sort of tango is preposterous. Although the guy struts out boldly with a proper tango attitude, that's the closest thing to footwork in the entire thing. And because they are on wheels, they lose all snap in their motions. What is tango without footwork and snap? It's whatever that ill-conceived performance above was.

Don't get me wrong, I think that they are both very good at unicycling. But there is clearly a reason why this has not caught on as a spectator event. Unicyling may be fun and challenging, but it is unsatisfying to watch.


djinn said...

The category "Sports" is infinitely more varied than I had thought. Tango unicycling? I want to see the Synchronized croquet.

djinn said...

Gee Bee suggests synchronized drive-by javelin throwing. I like swing-dance bowling.

djinn said...

Air golf. No balls. Extra points for air caddying.