Thursday, October 22, 2009

A dog hero

Here's a story (and a video) of a homeless dog behaving completely altruistically. He (or she) dragged a dog that had been hit out of heavy traffic.

As mentioned earlier, dogs and humans have been companion species for about 135,000 year, it now appears. What benefits have accrued? Dogs can read human expressions. As proved by scientists. Humans can also read dog expressions. As proved by me.

Thanks to my daughter apricot blossom for showing me this video.


kerfuffler said...

According to family lore, my husband was saved as a child by his dog when he cracked through thin ice. I don't remember if the dog helped pull him out or went barking for help.

My dog never saved anyone, but she was a great pet. I really wish I were not allergic now!

djinn said...

When I was growing up, the family poodle Lady was a wonderful dog too. She didn't save anyone but she was everything a dog should be. My mom was convinced she was the best possible guard dog available because she'd run behind the couch and bark if anyone unknown would show up at our house. You see, an actual robber couldn't shoot her that way.

kerfuffler said...

I had a dog.
Her name was Bootsie.
She was a most intelligent pup.
She would stand up on her hind legs
If you'd hold her front paws up.

(What IS name of the original song whose melody was used for that silly, childish song? It has other lyrics.....I'll post them in the deli story comments.)