Monday, October 26, 2009

Orginal " Cold Pizza for Breakfast"

Christine Lavin wrote that really fun song way back when....

She has recently changed some of the the lyrics to something about Oprah instead Dr Tarnower. She decided retroactively that the lyrics were too mean.(No wonder this part was my favorite .)

Another good reason to change the lyrics might be that people no longer know who Dr. Tarnower and Jean Harris are. Short version: he wrote the Scarsdale (low fat) diet book, and she shot him for being unfaithful.

Now you can enjoy the original lyrics (they're better), if you're mean enough, that is. The "mean" part starts around t=1:24

Herman Tarnower would never approve
I can hear him spinning in his grave
He could be alive eating pizza right now
Except for when it came to dating women,
The good doctor did not know how to behave!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Herman was healthy
But Herman is dead.
A pizza surely didn't do him in.
Jean Harris is behind bars lookin' quite sad.....and thin!
Do you see what I'm gettin' at?
You tend to kill when you're skinny
But not when you're fat!

So give me pizza for breakfast.....

I'm pretty sure she is re-releasing this tune with the new lyrics on a new album. Rather than changing the lyrics, I wish she had gotten rid of the gasping after the words 'warm coke'. I could do without that.


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