Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Unfinished Project Looming?

I guess I am just too fond of certain shades of green. When looking for handbags just recently, I found one in a green that I just could not resist. But it had unappealing brown handles, and a positively eye-zorching shade of rust for the lining. Rust with that gorgeous fresh green????

I felt I had an obligation to rescue the green suede from it's ignominious coexistence with those poorly chosen materials. I bought it, and grabbed my seam ripper. Here in the pictures it is already partially dismantled. See what I mean about that lining?

I am debating between blue or black for the interior and handles. Navy blue would make it perfect to pair with any of my three favorite scarves, but the green positively sings when paired with black.

Now that I have blogged about it, I have to finish it, right?


djinn said...

Just looking at that picture of the beautiful green suede with the interior made me nauseus. What were they thinking?

kerfuffler said...

I suppose I could leave the lining intact if I wanted to keep myself from opening my purse and spending money.