Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not Men In Bear Costumes After All

A commenter suspected that the picture for the following post had men in bear costumes. I wasn't so sure.

I guess this clinches it. They are real.


djinn said...

Bears Rock! On Hammocks! I have heard that bears are disturbingly smart--they can figure out how to get into various types of cars, push various levers and buttons in the cars to open up the magic compartments where the food lies. Of course, they may just see breaking and entering as a prank.

Bears are frat boys and girls. Ah ha!

james said...

but i'm a scared of bears, so them must be men in bear suits

djinn said...

But I'm much more scared of men in bear suits than I am of bears, so they must be bears.

james said...

good point, maybe it's children in bear costumes