Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Plant I Did Not Kill-------Yet

For years I have taken poor enough care of my Stapelia nobilis plant that it declined to bloom. For whatever reason, this year it has produced two gigantic buds.

I am rather excited by this even though I have good reason to to dread such an occurrence. You see, the common name for this plant is the "carrion plant". The flowers smell like rotting flesh to attract insects for pollination. The floral petals are furry and flecked with small burgundy striations-----like veins-------to further the deception.

But before they open they are pleasantly impressive. The buds are several inches long, and quite architectural looking-------a bit like some kind of seashell the way they are twisted at the very bottom tips.

I suspect these will open soon because of the pale blush suffusing the base of the buds. I'd better take this plant onto the porch soon. I don't think the deer will eat them.


djinn said...

Wow. It's like Alien, only in upstate New York.

Anonymous said...

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