Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deferred Pleasure 101

Even though as a capitalist society, our overall welfare depends on saving and investing, the people of communist China seem to be much better at this than we are. In spite of being read fables about grasshoppers and ants, consumption (of mass quantities!) is about the only thing that we do not put off for later. And we are much worse about this than we were a century ago.

Perhaps since we have lived through such prosperous times, the need to save has not really sunk in. So perhaps we should supplement our storytelling with some actual experiences that help youngsters develop the patience to defer pleasure for gain.

Even if it didn't work, it might be fun to watch.......see:


I came across this video at Andrew Sullivan's the daily dish.

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djinn said...

Months and months later, this post seems more apropos than ever; if I think optomistically that such pleaure will appear, if differed.