Monday, August 31, 2009

Mount Wilson Observatory Threatened

Mount Wilson Observatory, outside of Los Angeles, was the place that Edwin Hubble discovered the redshift-- it taught us that the universe is expanding; one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

Now, it's threatened by the Station fire. (Updated) The picture, above, seems to be the last webcam photo available, from just before 5 am, Sept. 1. I finally got it to load.

Please be safe, Observatory.

At 6 in the morning, Sept 1, as shown in the picture above, the Observatory looks safe, but the right-hand side glow from the fire looks pretty menacing.

Here's a site with time lapse photography of the fire approaching.

And here's the Mount Wilson Observatory webcam site. You might get through. It could happen.

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Allie said...

Oh noes! Not the observatory!