Saturday, September 27, 2008

What we need in a world leader; and my idea of God

No one is listening,my friend.

I mean really, who would you have face down Palin, Courtney, or Sarah. Honestly.

Warning for those of you with tender sensibilities, this is Courtney Love in all her full-throated, badly filmed, badly miked glory. But even the most curmudgeonly of you must enjoy watching her force a concert-goer to remove his pearl-jam t-shirt. "I'll hold it for you forever. It's good for you." Oh, the song is "Miss World" "I lie and lie and lie." I'd dedicate it to Bible Spice (aka Sarah Palin) but, she's not worth it.

Punk-rock Friday, Saturday edition


james said...

But I'm listening

BillLee said...

i'm listening
bible fucking spice
too funny
too sad