Friday, September 26, 2008

Back when the Stones were bad

Youtube removed my beautiful Rock and Roll Circus clips.

But, warning warning warning--I found a copy of the song, "Schoolboy Blues" that the Stones write to get out of their contract with their then- current record company, Decca; it's difficult to imagine a more objectionable song, so don't listen. Just don't. But, I think it's one of Mick's best vocal performances ever, and the bestiality reference always makes me giggle. No double-entendres on this song, straight up dirty stones, dirty guitar, and lyrics that would make that guy from the National Research counsel blush, or take notes. This song was released into the wild when it was available briefly on a West German best-of collection

No more live Stones on all of youtube, so I'm leaving you with this lovely ditty from current bad boy (and still alive, against all expectations) Pete Doherty, singing a song almost as radio-friendly as the Schoolboy Blues (which has an alternate title. It's a beautiful song, but the title requires a number of asterisks to write. Just listen, if you like, but you've been warned.

We now return you to your regular sky-is-falling posting.


Anonymous said...

I have never really understood the attraction to Mick Jagger. Until I saw this. Thank you.

djinn said...

Ahhh, My life has meaning.