Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All that's standing between Sarah and the Presidency

A gay best friend!

Should Sarah Choose Jeff, (Contestant number 1),

Or Dan, (Contestant number 2).

Oh, if any of our reader(s) are not reading Dan Savage, get yourself there, now, girlfriend!

A late contestant, Danielle, but one who makes some very good points!

"I can play hockey with your sons and I can date your daughter Bristol, and I won't even get her pregnant!"


kerfuffler said...

Why have such an elaborate vetting process? Won't just any gay person do?

djinn said...

They're Republicans, silly, just any gay person won't do. Especially when, you know, one is the limit.

Mossie said...

Shoot. My submission was late. It was graphic, though, and would've made her blush down to her tippy toes.

Yes. I'm just that good.

geebee said...