Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin, liar liar, cute little skirt on fire

How shall I count the lies?

Her entire persona is a lie. The Republicans presented her--straight up--as a reformer when she is no such thing. She is, rather, the opposite. Her well documented positions are the exact opposite of what John McCain and she are now stating. What's that called? Oh, yeah, a LIE.

Her support for the "Bridge to Nowhere" was a centerpiece of her 2006 campaign for Governor of Alaska.

Earmarks? Unlike what she and John McCain scurry around the country stating loudly and clearly--that she's against against against those eeeevil things--she's twice as good at them then anyone else. TWICE!!!!!! Not only a lie, but a masterful, astonishing, shake your hand, stare in awe sort of lie. My goodness folks, not only is the man not behind the curtain, but he doesn't even care if we pay attention.

The Palin administration requested 31 earmarks this year totaling $200 million and “we are not abandoning earmarks altogether,” Katz said, as they are a “legitimate exercise of Congress’ constitutional power to amend the budget proposed by the president.”

Above From Here.

Alaska has consistently been the largest per capita beneficiary of federal earmarks, in part because the state's congressional delegation is powerful and provides well for a small population in a state with a large federal presence.

Alaskans receive almost twice as much per capita in earmark spending -- $506 -- as the second-ranking state, Hawaii.

Above two quotes, from the Los Angeles Times.

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