Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin thinks Jesus will return in her lifetime

So why bother with global warming, or any sort of conservation of resources? Hey! Blowing up the Mideast might be a good thing because it would bring on the end of days! Good times! Where is our press corps?

Another valley activist, Philip Munger, says that Palin also helped push the evangelical drive to take over the Mat-Su Borough school board. "She wanted to get people who believed in creationism on the board," said Munger, a music composer and teacher. "I bumped into her once after my band played at a graduation ceremony at the Assembly of God. I said, 'Sarah, how can you believe in creationism -- your father's a science teacher.' And she said, 'We don't have to agree on everything.'

"I pushed her on the earth's creation, whether it was really less than 7,000 years old and whether dinosaurs and humans walked the earth at the same time. And she said yes, she'd seen images somewhere of dinosaur fossils with human footprints in them."

Munger also asked Palin if she truly believed in the End of Days, the doomsday scenario when the Messiah will return. "She looked in my eyes and said, 'Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime.'

From Salon

Plus as a bonus, the original article that ran about Palin's attempt to censor the library in Wasilla.

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