Friday, September 26, 2008

Moonage Daydream

I just watched the debates. When faced with one candidate who speaks clearly and intelligently on the issues, and one that kinda rambles on, oh, did you know McCain is against earmarks? Who will America pick? I'm kinda guessing the old white guy with the cheezy grin. Anyway, i'm now so freaked out about America's future (can you hear me.....) I need something beyond skinny brits in tight pants to cheer me up. Something with a good Weimar-era end-of-an-era vibe. La la la la la; we should be on by now.

David Bowie, "Time", Hammersmith Palace, 1973; A skinny brit in a cape, such (glimpses of) legs, cabaret, and a boa. Plus bonus Mick Ronson guitar and knee sock action! Did you know Mick was Mormon? It's like we're related or something.

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prpllaydee said...

I too just watched the debate, the old guy with the cheezy grin just may not win this particular battle with his strategy......can't wait for the Biden/Palen debate next week, I look for that to be a massacre and I shall laugh heartily. If, however, the old guy should win.......New Zealand's looking pretty good to me.