Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family Values-Palin Style

It's good someone is vetting the Vice President. It's, shall we say, unfortunate, that it is the National Enquirer and not, you know, the Republicans.

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tamar said...

I know the kids are supposed to be off limits, but with the two oldest showing serious signs of being out of control, it does reflect on her ability to balance family and work. A successful balance should ward off dire situations; a poor balance invites the sort of problems that leave her putting out fires.

Her lack of judgment in the workplace has also left her putting out fires repeatedly. Her taking on the librarian, her troopergate scandal, her mishandling of the state owned dairy, and the rush to build a sports center in Wasilla before the municipality had clear title to the property are all indications of a lack of administrative skill, and a proper respect for the limitations of her position. Someone who is always putting out that many fires is not working efficiently. It's a sorry state of affairs when someone that incompetent is so close to being VP, and potentially president.