Sunday, September 14, 2008

Must Love Cows

Sarah Palin appointed a childhood friend, Frances Havemeister, formerly a real estate agent, to the post of Director of the State Division of Agriculture, because, and, could I make this up, dear reader(s)? Frances' childhood love of cows. Four other childhood friends, also with fashionably thin resumes, were also appointed to big ol' governmental positions. Now aren't you saaad you said that mean thing about Miss Sarah back in 7th grade?

Let's play a game! Assuming she forgot you called her a sl*t back in the day because you saw her kissing Frances H, what jobs are you qualified for in the Palin administration? I'll start. I could be the Director of the State Department of Health because I have gone to the Doctor a number of times in my life, and even have gotten a vast array of prescriptions filled! Oh, and I dated a, well, he wasn't a doctor yet, but he was going to be one.....

From the New York Times, read the whoooole thing.


Sandy said...

I think you would make a FINE Director of the health department!
And Palin is just following in Bush's footsteps, with Micheal Brown of Fema! He did a great job with Katrina.
I like food. I eat it every day. I've taken drugs before...I believe I am MORE than qualified to be the Director of the FDA.

Fun Game...too bad we're in a serious time that calls for serious action.

djinn said...

I would so make you the director of the FDA in my administration. But, yeah, its so terrifying that this is not actually amusing at all.