Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Faces in their Prime

So, now that I've gotten everyone suicidal (What? You feel fine? Go back, read my last four posts, with links, and get back to me), as a treat, I trolled youtube for what I think is the very best rock and roll band ever, in their prime. Ladies and gents, I present, The Faces, circa 1971, in that brief moment after Rod Stewart found his voice, but before he realized it. Please notice that though the rest of the band is somewhat lacking in that department, Ron Wood has a tiny, and quite lovely ass, only noticeable by the tightness of his (curiously ill-fitting) pants. Oh, wait. Uhmm. Ron Wood's slide guitar playing, what I meant to discuss, is rather astonishing--sweet and subtle. He never really got his due, but the 7 figure paychecks from the gigs with the Rolling Stones mst have taken away the sting, which he never would have noticed anyway.. Did you know he comes from a family of water gypsies? 'Tis true. Rod Stewart is in the pic, somewhere too. This clip also features Ronnie Lane; after he left, the Faces were never the same. Anywhooo.....; you really really really really should listen,pippples. Or I shall be very cross. Rock and Roll doesn't get any better.

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