Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vintage Treasure

My mom has always said that I am super lucky-----and I'm happiest when I believe her. Here is the latest piece of evidence that she is on to something: a lucky find. At a local vintage shop, I found this terrific lariat necklace, probably from the twenties. It is quite long and in good repair.

Damage to the old pocketbook? $6.00 !!!!!! (Don't confuse my exclamation marks with factorials, all you math enthusiasts.) I've been happy about this goofy find for days. It's silly, but why not be happy?


Unknown said...

If you wear it around your waist it is very YSL Peasant, but regardless of how you wear it what a great find!

djinn said...

Even cooler than I imagined, there in my imagination.