Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rupet Murdoch Is A Liar

Earlier this year Beck accused Obama of exhibiting racism "...over and over and over again." This prompted a campaign to encourage advertisers to boycott his show.

Then Rupert Murdoch (Fox News is part of his media empire.) stepped in and said that although Beck was right factually about Obama's racism, Beck should not have said such a thing about the President. (Yet another point of disagreement here; if a President is guilty of such a thing, then the media have a responsibility to cover it!!!)

Now, of course, Murdoch is backpedaling through the cowardly use of a spokesperson. He says that Obama made a racist comment, so Beck was right to make such a claim although he, Rupert Murdoch, does not agree.

So, just what is this racist comment? The two of them keep insisting that he has done racist things, and they never back it up with anything substantial. Just like the rest of their "news"...

Please visit this site to complain to advertisers about Murdoch's complicity in promoting racism and other misleading news coverage. It's time to pull their plug.

But also take a minute to enjoy Stewart revealing yet another example of the unprincipled, deceptive practices employed at Fox News.

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1 comment:

djinn said...

Ewww ewww ewww. The big lie. Goebbles wins again. Just keep repeating the same thing, until it becomes true(thy.) Ewww, yet again.