Monday, November 16, 2009

Are These For Real?

I suspect they are, and Igor Siwanowicz has done an impressive job capturing great "poses" and incredible detail of these colorful, unlikely creatures.

These first two look like something Dr Seuss might have dreamed up, and the green one also reminds me of the mutant parakeet.

This is one trippy, punked-out caterpillar!

And this critter looks like he's singing an aria!

We're lucky to see this one away from the foliage it usually hides in; I doubt we would be able to pick it out in its natural habitat.

You can see plenty more here! (Left click on images to enlarge!)


mfranti said...


did you know some people don't believe in it?

crazy, i know.

Unknown said...

I am seeing lovely jewelry..semi precious stones of course as in "no harm came to these amazing creatures"