Monday, November 30, 2009


I just saw "news anchor", Kiran Chetry of CNN ask the most preposterously stupid and misleading question on the morning news. She was interviewing congressman John Larson about a bill he is working on to raise money to cover some of the expenses incurred in Afghanistan.

Larson is suggesting a "war tax" on high income households; he emphasizes that this can be seen as shared sacrifice given that wealthy households typically do not have family members in the military. (And there is a provision exempting high income households if they do have someone serving, or have lost a family member in the war.)

This is my transcript of Chetry's probing question:

".....This war has been called a top priority. So if you start taxing things that are, you know, top priorities, I mean, where does it end?"

What a moron! He was not proposing to tax the war; he is trying to pay for the war we are already fighting. She clearly does not understand any of the news she covers, and was hired for the amount of hairspray she goes through. Oh wait, that's right, she was hired away from FOX News......


CNN finally had this bit on their website. Chetry's foolish question appears at t=1:30. She further reveals her ineptitude by wondering how struggling middle class families can handle this tax during a recession (t=2:22) when the bill expressly targets high income households.

Shouldn't she be selling vowels somewhere?


RJB said...

For a slightly more edifying discussion of the merits of the proposal, see this . Mine is the 3rd comment.

djinn said...

I think she's deciding to change careers, and this is from her standup routine.

But seriously, folks, wow. Weapons-grade stupid.

kerfuffler said...

Weapons-grade stupid......great turn of phrase!