Saturday, January 17, 2009

Really Not So Strange

This sure seems like a labor intensive project, but this is, after all, exactly what is done with the wool from sheep goats and, yes, rabbits.

Four hundred bucks (her most expensive) seems like a high price , but it may be a better expenditure than exorbitant veterinary procedures opted for by owners of aged (and suffering) pets who can't bring themselves to let go of the cherished animal. Kidney transplants for cats cost several thousand dollars.

So are you an "ewww-person" or an "ahhh-person"?


djinn said...

Makes perfect sense to me; I've read 17th century books referencing mouse fur; my brother spun and knit articles out of his late, beloved Newfie's fur; why not cats? Why not?

kerfuffler said...

Cat seem like great fur donors especially if they exhibit advanced shedding techniques. Sound like any cats you know djinn?

(I suspect the 17th century 'mouse fur' would actually have been pelts from mice-----just as there are rabbit pelts, or other furs. The actual fibers of mouse hair seem way too short for spinning a stable yarn.)

kerfuffler said...

Oh and btw, wow! that your brother knit stuff from his pet's fur. Cutting edge fashion!)

djinn said...

"Advanced shedding techniques." Harold the cat should hold classes.