Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bush spied on average citizens in the name of terror.

Are you a terrorist? Me too! Why? Because we're just run-of-the-mill citizens! Wow. My life is so much more exciting than I realized, and worthy of being spied-on by the US government. Woo Hoo! Can you say Stazi? Thought you could.

See it here: an NSA analyist discusses the evil, evil details.

Interesting point: Specific groups targeted: US News organizations, reporters and journalists. Ah ha! Take that! Liberal Media. What was reported on? "It would be everything." Hmmm. "This is something that is happening all the time."

"The agency would tailor some of their briefings to try to be deceptive." "When the defense committes on the hill come calling [we'd say] you can't look at it because it is an intelligence program. When the intelligence committes come calling you say it is a DOD program."

If, as Mr. Tice notes, everything was captured, then the communications of the Democrats running against the Republicans was also captured and available for use. This is not only the way to tyranny, it is tyranny in the flesh.

Much more here.

Now Bush is out of power, he has much less, uh, POWER, and all this hidden evildoing is seeing the light of youtube.

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