Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheney Hurt His Back Moving Boxes

I can't help but wonder what boxes Cheney did not just pay someone else to move. Could they have been boxes from that man-sized safe of his with all the top secret files? He must have had a very busy and strenuous day. Don't forget, he treated almost everything in his office as a secret.

For printed documents, they made up official-looking stamps that said, "Treated As: SECRET/SCI." Though the stamps had no legal basis, they instructed future archivists to protect routine paperwork -- for instance, the talking points for Cheney's press office -- as though it were "sensitive compartmented information," a designation used for the innermost secrets of national security.

So Cheney will be in a wheelchair for the inauguration. I think he just wanted a handicapped parking space.

(Artwork above by Phillip Toledano)

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