Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm planning on worshipping Darwin

Suggestions for headwear?


james said...

to worship Darwin is to worship nature...a dirt hat?

BillLee said...

perhaps a hat with a likeness of:
a dodo bird,
your children,
a penis and/or vagina,
your choice of species copulating,
a sperm sample,
your ovum
(though this seems difficult)
or simply
a chicken egg.

james said...

No, a hat made from recycled materials, maybe plastic bags?

james said...


Phallus, Yonic union as a head band, I could draw it if you need

BillLee said...

i'd like to see it :)
and would likely wear one

though it sounds kinda hindu
- symbolizing spiritual evolution?

djinn said...

Gee whiz guys, I'm wearing a Trilby. It's British, as is Darwin,'s totally cool. Mine is houndstooth, representing, uh, stuff that ties in, I promise. Plus, Pete Doherty is rarely seen without one.