Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My most favoritest ever Economist, Nouriel Roubini

sez things aren't as bad as I think; possible recovery in 2010--Yippee!!!!!1111 Plus, awesome accent.

No, actually, Mr. Roubini has suffered deeply from getting everything right about the current crisis; so, naturally, he's totally ignored by the mainstream media.

Plus!!!! Bonus!!!!! He totally agrees with me about the US banks. Insolvent, baby. We all need to read more recent Swedish history. Edit. As in dump the current managment that paid themselves absurd amounts + extra bonuses, actually rifle through the books to figure out what they're worth, and them sell them for the reasonable price. Minus evil management.


james said...


you make me laugh,

kerfuffler said...

Are you really suggesting selling the current bank management (into slavery) after rifling through the books to figure out what they are worth? Sounds good to me except that it won't raise much money. (Darn those vague pronouns.)

As for Count Chocula-----when did he get a finance degree?------if he says we have to do without marshmallows for a couple of years, who are we to argue?