Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The US Gov't Hates Contraception and Doesn't Want You to Use It.

Thanks to our friends at Reproductive Health Reality Check, I found out that on Monday, July 14th, the Department of Health and Human Services [proposed regulations to redefine (modified by ed.)] common methods of contraception, such as the pill, the patch, the shot, the ring, the IUD, and emergency contraception, under the classification "abortion."

This is crazy. This is beyond crazy. What this means is that if one more anti-abortion Supreme Court judge is appointed, not only will women not be able to have abortions, but we will not be able to use most forms of birth control. You better hope as hard as you can hope that McCain (who wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade) isn't elected in the fall.

This also means that many more Pharmacists, if the regulations go through, will be able to deny women contraception perscribed by their doctors, should they feel like it. Did you hear about this on the news? Me neither. Someone should be paying attention.

I have a difficult time understanding such rationales. Around 80% of fertilized eggs are naturally aborted. Yeah, only one in five fertilized eggs make it to birth. What happens to those other 4/5ths? Are they really people? Is heaven knee deep in blastomeres?
(Link, above, is from the Bush administration.)

Naomi Wolfe, in only a partial post-jack, explains how to turn America into a facist country, in 10 easy steps.

Cue "Every Sperm is Sacred."

A slightly modified version of this post is now up at feministmormonhousewives.org.


Steve said...

Yeah, it still amazes me that ANY woman would vote for a conservative since it is their doing that takes away womens' choices with what to do with their body even BEFORE they have sex!!!

djinn said...

I cannot believe that Hillary Clinton supporters would even consider, for a second, voting for McCain. I'm afraid that the continuous drum-roll stating that McCain is a "Maverick" has clouded people's minds into thinking he's something other than a total tool of the (unplesantly) Religious right.

New campaign slogan--Vote Pro Coathanger; Vote McCain.

Melanie said...

OMG. The picture you posted is of a family (the Duggars) featured in one of the funniest/most fascinating/creepiest reality tv shows I've ever seen. At the time of the show's taping, she was pregnant.

I just can't imagine or accept that birth control will be made hard or impossible to get.

djinn said...

You all that discussion about "activist judges?" It's aimed at judges that aren't craazee conservative. It's already impossible to get plan B in many small towns, it's not that big a leap to make contraception illegal. Remember there are four conservative Catholic (read not only anti-abortion but also anti birth control INCLUDING CONDOMS) on the Supreme Court. One more, and it's all over, baby blue.

tamar said...

Its so insufferable the way those conservative judges pretend they are being consistent in the way they interpret the Constitution. They support State's Rights whenever it suits their actual agenda----return to the stone age, but are happy to impose rigorous national standards whenever it suits them. If Obama doesn't win, I'm taking to the streets!

As for McCain and his confusion regarding viagra and birth control, I suppose this is what one should expect from a candidate who hasn't had to think about the ramifications of sex in ...decades.

tamar said...

Hey, where'd the first picture go, you know, the one about the clown car? I see this one has more kids (really impressive), but the caption on the other was priceless. Did the family object to the way their image was being used?

djinn said...

I know family members (some with big families) read this. Word somehow leaked out. Didn't want to needlessly insult anyone. Or if you prefer, I chickened out.

mfranti said...

i liked the first picture better too.
but i understand why you changed it.

i do think they look happy. imagine growing up with that kind of family.could be fun.

however, i am one of those women that chooses to have only one child for all sorts of selfish reason, sanity, selfishness, the environment...you choose. it works

djinn said...

Hey, a pic! of you! I changed the picture for a couple of reasonse; A: I didn't want to insult women who had huge amounts of children like my sis's in law or Bored in Vernal, and the previous pic made all them Duggars look like a bunch of freaks. It appears they've updated their look for TV, might as well post who they are, not who I would like them to be. Not that they aren't (or at least the Mother and Father) aren't a bunch of Freaks. It appears they make their living by having rather more children than might be advisable. But the children are (so far) blameless. I wanted better pictures of them.