Monday, July 28, 2008

B-day present from GeeBee

A stained glass window for my window.


mfranti said...

i'm totally jealous.

not that i don't get handmade gifts from my hunny but a stained glass piece of art is a really nice gift.

djinn said...

Mfranti! You changed your name! I'm feeling better, and promise to do something or other; oh yeah, I wanna write an awesome post-- or semi-not lame; I'm thinking how HPV can be transmitted by other than sexual means. Kool, huh?

mfranti said...

yah! very cool.

yes, i changed my name. mr. pink's mom was my feeble attempt to remain anonymous but ummmmm....fmh ruined any chance of that for me since i picked this very lame handle in the beginning.

cripes. i wish i could change my handle to something cool.

djinn said...

Oh, I had a friend's mom come down with HPV who must have picked it up non-sexually. It hurts me to have people make untoward assuptions about people's "worthiness" based on a medical diagnosis. It must be so painful.

djinn said...

MFranti's not lame; its distinctive, and has the **star** "Michael Franti" vibe about it. Besides, you could just change it again, if you wanted to. It's the internet baybee. Just say "from now on, refer to me as [insert name here.]

May I suggest the wikipedia page

It lists many useful dieties. For example, if, you wished to be known as the God of bears, you could be "Nanook."

Or howabout "Uzume," the Japanese goddess of dawn and revelry. A twofer.

An exceptionally cool Japanese Goddess is "Benten, she is the goddess of everything that flows: words (and knowledge, by extension), speech, eloquence, and music. Said to be the third daughter of the dragon-king of Munetsuchi," How cool is that? Plus I have it on good authority that the sphere of influence for Japanese gods and goddesses doesn't reach very far outside of Japan, so no blasphemy concerns!

There's also Saraswati: "the first of the three great goddesses of Hinduism. She is the Goddess of Knowledge and all literary arts including music, arts, and speech."

SO many possibilities.

Or you could add something to your current tag along the lines of m-undergoddess of homemaking tips-franti, though I'm sure you could think up a less-lame moniker.

mfranti said...

unfortunately, none of those lovely names of deity apply to me.

do they have a goddess of started but never finished projects? or a goddess of short tempers? or a goddess of lazy typists?

that's me.

oh. so sorry to jack your birthday thread.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! birthdays rule. it's the day all about you.


djinn said...

I give you Aergia, goddess of lazyness.

Surely she could be updated for the modern world.

Artiva said...

Lovely....which window is it now in?

Artiva said...
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