Friday, July 25, 2008

Things not to do with Trader Joe's Frozen Chicken Fried Rice

Go to sleep with it used as an ice pack for a terrible, terrible headache. The bedroom smells strangely of Chinese leftovers in the morning.


tamar said...

You are lucky the bags didn't burst! Yuck! A bag of lentils or rice (uncooked) left in the freezer is a great way to have an "icepack" around that doesn't leak moisture or make you smell like moo shoo in the morning. (Slip the bag in a dress sock---when ready to use--- if it is too cold by itself.)

djinn said...

I knew you could heat up rice i a sock. Mmm cuddly. But freezing it is new to me. D'oh! Will try.

djinn said...

i = in. Proofreading is your somewhat gerundy friend.