Saturday, July 19, 2008

An inadvertent 50th birthday present

Yeah, I'm turning Five-oh. Monday.

Last night GeeBee and I went to the Crystal Ballroom for a Ray Davies solo acoustic seated show. For those of you not in the know, Ray Davies is the singer/songwriter/driving genius behind the Kinks. For those of you that can't read my mind, I think that Ray Davies is one of the finest songwriters of the last half of the 20th century--better than those poseurs the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Stones.

The show started at 8:00 the doors opened at 7:00; Geebee was waiting in line at 3:15. I use the word "line" metaphorically, as he was the only one there for about an hour; Geebee asked, somewhat bewildered, "Am I the biggest Kinks fan in Portland?"

We got front and center seats.

I have previously pointed out that in written communications, and in arguments of any stripe, I have a very thick skin. It's difficult to insult me-about ideas. But this doesn't extend into all areas of my life. Being a twentieth century woman, my, let us delicately say--unconventional--looks have always been a source of great insecurity, and getting older, greyer, and chubbier hasn't helped any.

Cue Ray Davies. I'm front and center. He gets on stage, settles down. The stage lights light up the first couple of rows. He says "Hello Portland." "You're (looking and pointing right at me, not that far away) looking good." He then smiles. At me. Happy Birthday to me. Thanks, Ray.

Oh, and he (and his Irish attack-guitarist) sounded great.

The Kinks, Waterloo Sunset sung by Elliott Smith.

Due to popular request, here's the actual Kinks, "Lola," based on a "Great War" song about an eponymous girl of easy virtue "with a shape like a bottle of coca-cola."


geebee said...

I was shocked to hear, as Elliott starts to sing, someone in the audience saying to his friend "C'mon, the Kinks have better songs." And monkey's might fly out of his ass.

tamar said...

I didn't know you were a Kinks fan!We love the Kinks. Aaron really surprised his uncle (another fan) a few years ago (I think Aaron was 12) by coming up with this line after his uncle commented on how nice he looked in his dress-up clothes, " I'm a dedicated follower of fashion!" He imitated the delivery really well, and everyone just cracked up.
If we lived in Portland, and did not know that you did, we would have met GeeBee for sure in that line---I wonder who would have been there first! Happy Birthday

BillLee said...

dearest djinn

an advertent birthday present

what is more sexy than the idea of the french woman
she who creates herself in layers against fashion
and regardless of my recent dismissal of intellect
there is nothing more sexy than intelligence
to those who recognize it
and you are that
and geebee is lucky
or deliciously descriminate