Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nietzsche updated for the new century.

Can I has Superman?

And with this I say a fond farewell to my LOLcats period.


tamar said...

Perhaps Nietzsche was too fond of obstacles; it does seem like he purposely cut himself off from other people by maintaining that preposterous---even for the times--- mustache of his. If you watch the video, you'll see that he grows his mustache MUCH larger than in the original picture. If he hadn't scared away all possible lovers ( and probably friends too) with that....thing, he might not have gone insane. But I suppose Bertie Wooster would tell me I have no business editing another man's upper lip.

djinn said...

The mustaches on my collected works are quite astonishing; but what else did he have going for him? For me, twentieth century schizoid creature that I am, his oddness is not quite all, but most of his charm. There he is, in his rented room, eating porridge, dreaming of superman.

BillLee said...

dearest djinn,

what is your opinion of (early) nietzche's writings?


p.s. though a more apt response to your later post, your spinning head brings to mind a metaphor of the dervishes. perhaps it is some aspect of latent sufism surfacing?