Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Iraq to US--U can go nao, kthxbye.

Prime Minister al-Maliki won't sign an agreement to allow US troops to stay in Iraq without a timetable for withdrawal: "The goal is to end the presence (of foreign troops)."

In response, the White House states (and this may be a paraphrase, but only barely) "uh, he didn't really mean that."

Other breakup lines Iraq might try:
We have to break up, America, because I'm gay.
It's not you, America, it's me.
My schedule is really busy right now, but maybe next Millenium.
You're Drunk (on power.) Time to go home. I'll call a Taxi.


acs student loans said...

Well its nice.

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mr. pink's mom said...

you suck! you know why? because i wanted to post on that right now.

something tells me that you listen to the NiPR all day long too.

fine... i will have to write about my dumb chickens or something less entertaining.

djinn said...

Drat, this was on NPR? Oh well. I think chickens are vastly more entertaining to post about, anyway. You have chickens? Cool.

mr. pink's mom said...

yeah...i thought you knew that since i talk about them on fmh. (mr. pink's mon =mfranti)

i just posted on them. go read and make me feel better.