Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catholics and Cannibals, or who knew?

(That's Ingres up there.) My Ex shares a name with a man who was martyred in England for being on the wrong side of the transubstantiation-consubstantiation debate. What side was right? The one with the bigger guns; but what they believed, I can never remember. Anyway, this battle is still playing out. Catholics believe that when the priests bless the sacrament (bread and wine), it actually turns into the body of Christ--transubstantiation. Protestants believe that the bread is just bread, the wine just wine; the transformation is metaphorical.

I never really 'got' that (some) Catholics still really really really care about such things; however, they, apparently, do. A college student has received death threats for not immediately eating the host (bread blessed by a priest transforming it into the body of christ) given to him during Mass, and has also been threatened with being booted out of his college. He put it in a ziplock bag for safekeeping.

Anyway, on with the story. A biology professor blogger who reported on it, and threatened to desecrate a "host" (a cracker)in response, has now received his own share of death threats plus bonus letters to his college requesting (politely i'm sure) his firing. Read about it here.

The (short) LOLcatspeak version is here: A play in three acts.


free lotto said...

We should have a great day today.

tamar said...

Great play!
If you decide to put it on, can I play the part of parishioner no.3 (Just one small problem; I'm doin' the low carb thing, so can I just pretend to eat the Jebus cracker?)