Sunday, June 8, 2008

Way too easy irony, or gold (or at least, sandwiches) from dross

When I was but a wee post-pubescent tot in the rather embarrasingly early 70's (yes, I am old) I had this thing for Rod Stewart and the Faces. Maggie May, Handbags and the Gladrags, Cut across Shorty..... When I was living in Arizona 1n 1977, Rod Stewart came to town, and for the first time in my life I had a chance to see him live. But, "Hot Legs" was on the radio and I was horrified and unforgiving. So embarrassed. Then, to make matters worse, "Do ya think I'm sexy" came out, and I turned my back on him forever, until, well, Youtube. Wha? It, I can only say, Rod now sucked hard--no charm, no finesse, no humor, no slightly just behind the beat singing, no wit, a drum machine? some early Synth crap? It. Was. Too. Many. Periods. in. a sentence. Bad. I can still feel the pain. How could he? The greatest singer since (dear imaginary friends) that italian thug guy.

But, dear reader(s) this story has a happy ending. I just discovered that the chorus in "Do ya think I'm sexy" was a note-to-note copy of a Brazilian song; the author sued, Rod lost in court and the terms of the settlement were that all the profits be paid to UNICEF. Flowers, chocolates, nourishing meals, and inappropriate punch lines all around!

Early Faces: not only Rod in his full-throated 1971 glory, but one of the most underrated (but not underpaid) guitarists of the era, as well--Ron Wood. Ahhhh. Irony, as well as revenge, a dish served best cold.

Love in Vain, Robert Johnson.

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