Thursday, June 5, 2008

Music Suggestions Wanted

I may (emphasis on may) be doing the music for an installation this year at Burning man. More details here:

I'm thinking more organic music that has an electronica-trance feel, such as Neu and Can, the German Art-rockers, the trance-gospel guitar player Reverend Louis Overstreet, Nico, maybe early flaming lips "Jesus shooting heroin" So---perhaps something that someone other than me has heard of?

Illusion is a light sculpture on a canvas of 64 large weather balloons. The light array creates a feeling of immense undiscovered space as viewers walk and meditate throughout an area the size of two football fields. Light effects are programmed to evoke a range of moods with soft, fading luminescence interspersed by glimmering, dancing lights. At timed intervals, lighting control stations become active and participants are given opportunity to control the light array. The relationship between light and darkness is a common Western metaphor of good and evil, knowledge and ignorance. The sculpture alludes to the illusion offered by this metaphor.

Dear reader(s), musical suggestions would be appreciated.

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BillLee said...

the light controls should be strained through an algorithm to produce tones (this i know how to do). let's chat about the rhythm (some ideas but not fleshed out). Think about the mood(s) you want.